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Caster plates* are designed to rotate the axle on it’s center similar to OEM specification.   *Plates require OEM bushings, if you have exceeded the adjustment of the castor correction bushings, or your existing stock bushings are worn out, order castor plates with OEM bushings. (The use of a right angle drill is required for installation, please let your shop know. If attempting a DIY project and major tool rental will have this tool available for a nominal fee.) Click here for the install guide. Each template assist to insure proper installation of castor correction bushings so the axle rotates on center rather then the bracket. The result is 2* change in caster for YELLOW bushings and 3* change in caster for BLACK bushings. (Caster templates are NOT required for Landtank caster plates.) Designed to replace the existing stock rear links, or an additional upgrade for lift systems over 4″, each kit is available separately, including the front axle tabs. The HD brackets are zinc plated 3/16″ stock and the 1/8″ wall tubing. Must be professionally installed, please see disclaimer. Heavy Duty Rear LCAs are fabricated from solid bar with over-sized ends to help protect frame mounts. Both configurations available with or without OEM Toyota bushings, and extended or stock length. Each Seat Bracket Kit relocates the OEM rails almost 2 full inches aft of the stock location, providing additional leg room for front seat occupant(s). (Not for use with manual seats.) Click here for the install guide. Modified OEM Fan Clutch, temperature tuned at 95* per Toyota specifications using 15,000cst oil. All around performance upgrade for cooler engine and AC temperatures. Optional JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) hardware kit includes hardware for the fan and water pump mounting side..