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  • 2 and 3 Caster Template

    2 and 3 Caster Template

    Each template assist to insure proper installation of castor correction bushings so the axle rotates on center rather then the bracket. The result is 2* change in caster for YELLOW bushings and 3* change in caster for BLACK bushings. (Caster templates are NOT required for Landtank caster plates.)

    Price: $20.00

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  • VITON Gasket

    VITON Gasket

    VITON gasket purchase to replace unknown or existing damaged Scepter fuel can gaskets.

    Price: $12.00

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  • VITON Spout O-ring

    VITON Spout O-ring

    The original Scepter black Buna-Nitrile O-ring is designed to be used with diesel fuel only, and will eventual erode when exposed to unleaded fuel, ethanol additives or Bio-Fuels, upgrade to this VITON o-ring to ensure years of trouble free use.

    Price: $8.00

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  • 1FZ-FE PHH – Kit 1

    1FZ-FE PHH – Kit 1

    Designed for the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series 1FZ-FE, Kit 1 includes a section of 5/8″ Gates Green Stripe radiator hose and 2 Breeze Constant Torque clamps.

    Price: $20.00

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  • AJIK Custom 3/4″ Fuel Spout

    AJIK Custom 3/4″ Fuel Spout

    3/4″ Scepter fuel spout solution. The design is simple and makes a durable spout that fits the 10L (2.5gal) and 20L(5gal) Scepter MFCs, while retaining the same function as the OEM spout. (Scepter fuel can is not included)

    Price: $20.00

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  • Front DC Drive Shaft

    Front DC Drive Shaft



    Toyota OEM Double Cardan drive shaft selected to be used with +4″ lift and Landtank caster plates. Complete with Koyo bearings, each driveshaft is inspected, re-configured and balanced for a superior product.



    Price: $0.00

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